“Then he went up on to the mountainside,

and called to him those whom it pleased him to call;

so these came to him,

and he appointed twelve

   to be his companions,

   and to go out preaching at his command,

      with power to cure diseases and to cast out devils.” (Mk 3:13-14)



“What does Christ ask of you?

Jesus asks you not to be ashamed of him,

and to commit yourself to proclaiming him to your peers.

Do not be afraid because Jesus is with you.

Do not be afraid of getting lost:

   the more you give of yourself,

   the more you will find yourself.”

“Do not be afraid to go out on the streets

   and into public places like the first apostles

   who preached Christ and the good news of salvation

   in the squares of cities, towns and villages.

It is the time to preach it from the rooftops.

Do not be afraid to break out of comfortable and routine modes of living

   in order to take up the challenge of making Christ known

      in the modern metropolis.

It is you who must ‘go out into the roads and lanes’

and invite everyone you meet

   to the banquet that God has prepared for his people.”

“The Gospel must not be kept hidden because of fear or indifference.

It was not meant to be hidden away in private.

It has to be put on a stand

   so that people may see its light

   and give praise to our heavenly Father.”

“Jesus went in search of the men and women of his time.

He engaged them in an open and truthful dialogue,

   whatever their condition.

As the Good Samaritan of the human family,

he became close to people,

   close enough to heal them of their sins

   and of the wounds that life inflicted upon them,

   and brought them back to the Father’s house.”

(John Paul II, Go in Peace, 46,47-48)



“The world has to be crossed.

But there are no roads made for you.

You yourselves will make the way through the mountains,

beating it out by your own footsteps.”

(St Josemaría, The Way, 928)



“Apostolic zeal is a divine madness I want you to have,

and it has these symptoms:

   hunger to know the Master;

   constant concern for souls;

   perseverance that nothing can shake.”

(St Josemaría, The Way, 934)



“Some of the wandering Jewish exorcists

took it upon themselves to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus

over those who were possessed by evil spirits,

with the words, I conjure you in the name of Jesus,

the name that is preached by Paul. …

And the evil spirit answered,

‘Jesus I recognize,

Paul I know well enough;

but you, what are you?’

And with that , the man who was possessed by the evil spirit

   ran at them and got the better of them,

   defying the power of both….” (Acts 19:13-14,15-16)


Iesum novi et Paulum scio.

Vos autem qui estis?(Act 19:15)


“It is especially from apostolic souls that Jesus expects affection.

Amas me? … Pasce oves meas.

Who would be surprised at this?

Proselytism can only be born out of love.

An apostle who does not love,

what a contradiction in terms.

An apostle who loves himself more than Christ,

the man who is out for himself,

is no more, in short, than an empty wineskin.

An apostle will only be able to persuade and win over others

if the love of Jesus overflows in his life

   and not only from his lips.”

(G Chevrot, Simon Peter, 212)


“The priest is someone who, despite the passing of years,

   continues to radiate youthfulness,

spreading it almost ‘contagiously’ among those he meets along the way.

His secret lies in his ‘passion’ for Christ.

As St Paul said: ‘For to me life is Christ.’ (Phil 1:21)

Particularly in the context of the new evangelization,

the people have a right to turn to priests

   in the hope of ‘seeing’ Christ in them (cf Jn 12:21).

The young feel the need for this especially;

Christ continues to call them,

to make them his friends

and to challenge some

   to give themselves completely for the sake of the Kingdom.

Vocations will certainly not be lacking

   if our manner of life is truly priestly,

   if we become more holy,

      more joyful,

      more impassioned in the exercise of our ministry.

A priest ‘won’ by Christ (cf Phil 3:12) more easily ‘wins’ others,

so that they too decide to set out on the same adventure.”

(John Paul II, Letter to Priests for Holy Thursday 2005, 7. From the Gemelli Hospital in Rome, 13 March 2005)



“Rejoice with those who rejoice,

weep with those who weep.”

(Rom 12:15)


“Preach the word,

dwelling upon it continually,

welcome or unwelcome [in season and out of season].” (II Tim 4:2)


“Love them!” (Bishop J Echevarría, 1996)



Vos autem dixi amicos.” (Jn 15:13)



“Jesus often made conversation the vehicle of his apostolate:

he spoke as they walked along the roads,

   as he strolled under the arches of Solomon’s Temple;

he spoke in houses, with people around him—

   like Mary, seated at his feet,

   like John, who rested his head against the Lord’s bosom.”

(A Luciani (John Paul I), Illustrissimi, 214-215)


“He never refused to speak to anyone.”

(F Fernandez Carvajal, 5:6.2)


And never refused to listen.

We have to learn from Jesus.



“A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter—

   he that has found one has found a treasure.

There is nothing so precious as a faithful friend,

and no scales can measure his excellence.”

(Sir 6:14-15)


“The true friend hides nothing from his friend.

He reveals all of his spirit,

just as Jesus poured into the hearts of the Apostles

  the mysteries of the Father.”

(St Ambrose, About the Work of Ministers, 3,135)



“Be steadfast in true friendship,

because there is nothing so precious in human relations.

It is a great consolation in this life to have a friend

   to whom we can open our heart.

It helps a lot to have a friend

   to share our joys and sorrows,

   and to sustain us in hard times.”

(St Ambrose, About the Work of Ministers, 3,134)


“Those words whispered at the proper time

   in the ear of your wavering friend,

that helpful conversation you manage to start at the right moment;

the ready advice that improves his studies;

and the discreet indiscretion by which you open up for him

   unsuspected horizons for his zeal—

all that is the ‘apostolate of friendship’.

(St Josemaría, The Way, 973)


Said of Bishop A del Portillo:

“His humility and his great charity

   won him countless friends.

He had an authentic talent

  for getting interested in the people who spoke with him—

   whoever they may be—

   and they immediately opened their souls up.”

(D Saint-Maurice)


He didn’t turn off anybody even if he knew too much.



“For, free though I was as to all,

unto all I have made myself a slave

that I might gain more converts. …

I became all things to all men,

that I might save all.” (I Cor 9:19,22)


Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,

   teach me how to love all souls and to persevere in that love.

Most Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Apostles,

   pray for us, so that our lives may overflow with the love of Jesus.


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