“At the cross her station keeping,

Stood the mournful Mother weeping,

Close to Jesus to the last.


Through her heart, his sorrow sharing,

All his bitter anguish bearing,

Now at length the sword had passed.”

(Hymn Stabat Mater)


“My dear young people!

It always gives me great joy to address a special message to you

   on the occasion of the World Youth Day.

It is also a way to show you the extent of my affection for you. …

“For the 18th World Youth Day …

   I have chosen a theme related to the Year of the Rosary:

   ‘Behold, your mother!’” (Jn 19:27).

Before his death, Jesus entrusted to the apostle John

   what was most precious to him: his Mother, Mary.

(John Paul II, Message for 18th WYD, 13 April 2003, 1)


“At the foot of the Cross …

Mary received, as it were, a ‘second annunciation’:

‘Woman, behold your son!’” (Jn 19:26)

“The Son upon the Cross can pour out his suffering into his Mother’s heart.

Every child who suffers experiences that need.

You too, my dear young people,

   are faced with suffering:

   loneliness, failures and disappointments in your personal lives;

   difficulties in inserting yourselves in the adult world and in professional life;

   the separations and losses in your families;

   the violence of war and the death of the innocent.

Know, however, that in difficult times, which everyone experiences,

   you are not alone:

Like John at the foot of the cross,

   Jesus also gives his Mother to you

   so that she will comfort you with her tenderness.”

(John Paul II, Message for 18th WYD, 13 April 2003, 2)


“My dear young people,

   you are more or less the same age as John

   and you have the same desire to be with Jesus.

Today, it is you whom Jesus expressly asks to receive Mary

   into your home’

   and to welcome her as one of yours to learn from her, the one who

   treasured up all these, and reflected them in her heart’ (Lk 2:19)

   that inner disposition to listen

   and the attitude of humility and generosity that singled her out

      as God’s first collaborator in the work of salvation.

She will discharge her ministry as a mother

and train you and mold you

   until Christ is fully formed in you (cf Rosarium Virginis Mariae, 15)

(John Paul II, Message for 18th WYD, 13 April 2003, 3)


“This is why I now wish to repeat the motto

   of my episcopal and pontifical service: ‘Totus tuus’.

Throughout my life

   I have experienced the loving and forceful presence

      of the Mother of our Lord.

Mary accompanies me every day in the fulfillment of my mission

   as Successor of Peter.

Mary is Mother of divine grace,

   because she is the Mother of the Author of grace.

Entrust yourselves to her with complete confidence! …

Open up to the breath of the Spirit,

and you will become courageous apostles,

   capable of spreading the fire of charity

      and the light of truth all around you.

In Mary’s school,

   you will discover the specific commitment

      that Christ expects of you,

   and you will learn to put Christ first in your lives,

      and to direct your thoughts and actions to him.

Dear young people, you know that Christianity

   is not an opinion nor does it consist of empty words.

Christianity is Christ!

It is a Person, a Living Person!

To meet Jesus, to love him and make him loved:

   this is the Christian vocation. …

Mary teaches you to gaze on him with love,

   for He has loved us first.

She forms in you a disciple’s heart.”

(John Paul II, Message for 18th WYD, 13 April 2003, 4)


“To recite the Rosary means

   to learn to gaze on Jesus with his Mother’s eyes,

   and to love Jesus with his Mother’s heart.

Today, my dear young people,

I am also, in spirit, handing you the Rosary beads. …

Do not be ashamed to recite the Rosary alone,

   while you walk along the streets

      to school, to the university or to work,

   or as you commute by public transport.

Adopt the habit of reciting it among yourselves,

   in your groups, movements and associations.

Do not hesitate to suggest that it be recited at home

   by your parents and brothers and sisters,

   because it rekindles and strengthens the bonds between family members.

This prayer will help you to be

   strong in your faith,

   constant in charity,

   joyful and persevering in hope.

With Mary, …

   you will discover the joy and fruitfulness of the hidden life, ...

   follow Jesus along the streets of Palestine, …

   accompany Jesus in his passion and death, …

   welcome the festive Easter proclamation

      and the priceless gift of the Holy Spirit.”

(John Paul II, Message for 18th WYD, 13 April 2003, 5)


“My dear young people,

only Jesus knows what is in your hearts and your deepest desires.

Only He, who has loved you to the end (cf Jn 13:1),

   can fulfill your aspirations.

His are … words that give meaning to life.

No one apart from Christ can give you true happiness.

By following the example of Mary,

   you should know how to give him your unconditional ‘yes’.

There is no place in your lives for selfishness or laziness.

Humanity is in urgent need of the witness

   of free and courageous young people

      who dare to go against the tide

      and proclaim with vigor and enthusiasm

      their personal faith in God, Lord and Savior.

[T]his mission is not easy.

It becomes absolutely impossible

   if one counts only on oneself.

But ‘what is impossible with men is possible for God’ (Lk 18:27; 1:37).”

(John Paul II, Message for 18th WYD, 13 April 2003, 6)



“If the winds of temptation rise against you,

   if you strike against the reefs of temptation,

   look at the star, call on Mary.

If you are tossed

   by the waves of pride, of ambition, or of envy,

   look at the star, call on Mary.

If anger, greed or impurity

   throw themselves violently against the ship of your soul,

   look at Mary.

If you are troubled by the memory of your sins,

   confounded at the ugliness of your conscience,

   fearful at the thought of judgment,

   and you start sinking in the bottomless pit of sadness

      or in the abyss of despair,

   think of Mary.

In danger, in affliction, in doubts,

   think of Mary, call on Mary.

Don’t let Mary be apart from your tongue,

don’t withdraw her from your heart;

and to obtain her intercession,

do not depart from the example of her virtue.

You will not go wrong

   if you follow her,

and not lose heart

   if you pray to her;

you will not be lost

   if you think of her.

If she takes you by the hand

   you will not fall;

if she protects you,

   you will never have cause to fear;

you will not grow weary

   if she guides you;

you will reach port safely

   if she aids you.”

(St Bernard, Homily on the Virgin Mother, 2)


“O thou Mother: fount of love!

Touch my spirit from above,

Make my heart with thine accord;


Make me feel as thou hast felt;

Make my soul to glow and melt,

With the love of Christ my Lord.”

(Hymn Stabat Mater)


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