Thanks be to God,
who gives you a share in the triumph of Christ,
and through you
is spreading the fragrance of Christ everywhere,
the sweet odor of his knowledge.

May he teach you to profit by the suffering
that comes across your path.
That you may use it
so it will mellow you,
not harden or embitter,
that it may make you patient,
not irritable,
that it may make you broad in your forgiveness,
not narrow, haughty, or overbearing.
May no one be less good
for having come within your influence;
no one less pure,
less true,
less kind,
less noble
for having been a fellow traveler
in your journey toward eternal life.

As you go your rounds
from one distraction to another,
may you whisper from time to time
a word of love to Him.
May your life be lived in the supernatural,
full of power for good,
and strong in its purpose of holiness.

May God shine through you
that every soul with whom you come in contact
may feel His presence
within your soul.
Let them look up
and no longer see you
but only him,

Words from my parents, who wrote these lines on the 21st of June 1997, 10th anniversary of my priesthood, and to whom I dedicate these pages.
(Sources: 2 Cor 2:14-15; Bl JH Newman, "Radiating Christ"; Prayer "Learning Christ"; Bl Mother Teresa)